Leapster Explorer support

A new release of poxlib is up, with support for the Leapster Explorer. A new djsm will be released soon (this week if I’m lucky) with support for it as well. There is also going to be a fork of djsm – named lxsm – which will be touch-centric, but still work on the didj.

Leapfrog hasn’t at the time of this writing released the sourcecode for the LX, so some things can’t be done yet. It is interesting to see some bugs still kicking around from the didj kernel. Of note, the transparency color bug in the mlc driver is still present.

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poxlib Competitions

I’ve put up the rules for the summer poxlib compo, and there will be a winter compo as well. poxlib summer compos will focus on demoscene productions, and winter compos will focus on homebrew video games. I encourage people to participate, and participants are welcome to use poxlib or their own hardware access methods. I hope that with your support, poxcompo will gain traction and live on for a couple years. I don’t want this to be a one-and-done affair.

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Getting up to speed on Bazaar and Launchpad.net

I’ve been working on importing the old releases into bazaar and then once I have them all push’ed to launchpad I’ll start pushing commits as I do test builds. poxlib’s Launchpad will be the place to go for submitting bug reports and grabbing the latest source code. I’ve not really used Bazaar much, so it has been a bit of a learning curve compared to Subversion.

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