poxlib is a hardware abstraction library for the magiceyes pollux. specifically it implements a userspace library with hooks to the custom kernel drivers on the leapfrog didj handheld game platform. in the future it is planned to have poxlib support running monolithic programs with no linux kernel involved.

poxlib is licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license (that is to say the advertising clause has been removed).
you may use it for both non-commercial and commercial projects.

    Implemented Features:

  • Input handling
  • Vector graphics
  • Bitmap graphics
  • Font rendering
  • A simple menu system

poxlib is primarily developed by David Kuder (GrizzlyAdams), but is receiving contributions of code and kind words from the didj homebrew community at large. I would like to especially thank everyone in #didj on freenode irc.

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